Group Health Coverage for businesses with 5-99 employees:


...the flexible self-funded health care plan for small employers from 5 through 99 employees. AmeriShare combines the self-funding of medical claim costs with the financial protection of Specific and Aggregate Excess-Loss coverage provided by Companion Life Insurance Company to give employers control of benefit plan dollars. A wide variety of underlying benefit plans may be selected and specific excess-loss deductibles from $7,500 to $50,000 (subject to state requirements) are available. Cash flow is protected through the use of monthly Aggregate Accommodation features.

AmeriShare plan costs and projected claim funding amounts are developed by using manual factors modified by geographic area, group demographics and plan design elements like annual deductibles and coinsurance limits. Each group enrollee is underwritten using a medical questionnaire and telephone interviews by ATA home office underwriters.

ATA emphasizes cost savings through its AmeriLink managed care networks, an extensive list of preferred physician and hospital providers in both national and regional markets.


Flexible health benefit plans for small employers

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Additional savings potential of self-funding

Financial protection through excess loss coverage for employers

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