ATA Rx...

...the up-to-date approach to providing prescription drug benefits to all ATA self-funded employer group plans. ATA Rx proactively manages prescription benefits to provide prescription drug benefits in a cost-effective manner. The ATA program incorporates the expertise of medical doctors and clinical pharmacists to offer a three-tier formulary program that promotes the use of high quality generic and brand medications referred to as "Preferred" medications.

The first tier (the lowest copay or coinsurance option) is for generic drugs. The second tier consists of drugs in the preferred formulary. These preferred formulary drugs are selected to provide a high level of prescription benefit while reducing pharmaceutical costs. The third tier consists primarily of name brand drugs and has a higher copay or coinsurance. The fourth tier (if chosen) has the highest copay or coinsurance and consists of prescriptions for specialty drugs. Many different plan designs are available with copays or coinsurance.

ATA Rx benefits are available through a national network of easily accessible pharmacies.

ATA Rx...

A cost-effective three-tier or four-tier formulary program

National pharmacy network

Mail order service available

Both fixed copay and coinsurance options

Optional look-alike prescription drug discount program

 To view your ATA Rx Specialty, Performance, Preferred Brand Name Drug listing(s) please contact Customer Service by email at or by phone 800-843-4121.

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